Now More Than Ever, Experience Matters

As manufacturing environments become more integrated and more competitive, improving the way you do business is necessary for survival.

R. E. Rickey & Associates serves the automotive and electronics marketplace, providing diverse and broadly-based consulting services to clients ranging from the Big Three American automakers to privately-owned firms. Incorporated in 1990, we have assisted in corporate restructurings, conducted mergers and acquisitions, and introduced process improvements in manufacturing operations resulting in millions of dollars from increased efficiency and reduced waste. To learn how your company can benefit from the years of experience that R. E. Rickey & Associates can bring to you, contact us.

Our client list includes

  • Brose Automotive
  • Champlain Cable Corp
  • Chrysler Corporation
  • DeAmertek Corporation, Inc.
  • Electrowire Corp.
  • Elmos Semiconductor AG
  • EmPower Corporation
  • Freightliner, LLC.
  • Labinal, Inc.
  • Marui International
  • Mercedes Benz Corp.
  • Millenium Plastics Technologies, LLC.
  • MIS International, Inc.
  • WDF Corporation
  • Westinghouse Electric Corp.